The most asked question to me is... what made me choose to be a chiropractor?​

I was involved in two serious auto accidents at the age of 18.  Conventional methods gave me no relief.  Instead,, I was getting worse.  During this same time, my uncle was seeing a chiropractor and suggested that I give it a try.
I was so impressed with my rapid recovery that I decided this would be the best way to help other people.  Chiropractic was not as well accepted then as it is today.  I knew I could help spread the word about chiropractic care and its benefits.  I feel very fortunate in my career because I really enjoy what I do and I get to help people too.!

Dr. Teresa G. Alfred, D.C.

I have a wide range of interests such as hiking, scuba diving, motorcycle riding, glass fusion, knitting, quilting and gardening.  I have been active in the community by donating my services to various organizations.  

I have practiced chiropractic in Flagstaff since 1983.

​​Where am I from and  how did I find my way Here?

I am originally from Michigan.  On a classmate's recommendation, I visited Flagstaff Arizona and instantly knew I was home!

I graduated from Sherman College of Chiropractic on September 26, 1981.  I received my Chiropractic Physician license to practice in the State of Arizona on June 4, 1982.  In addition, I received my Physical Medicine Modalities and Therapeutic Procedures license on June 15, 2000.